Patch - Red Leaf  [Embroidered]

Patch - Red Leaf [Embroidered]

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Bishops Green "Red Leaf" - 3 Inch Embroidered Patch

A beautiful and rare piece of textile art that would be a perfect punk rock centerpiece for any jean jacket.  A cotton red maple leaf is arranged in a wreath-like formation in perfect Christmas colours.

Executed on perhaps linen, and maybe home-woven. A delicate 1/4" crocheted cotton lace edge frames the whole and is a lovely finishing touch. The Embroidered patch is new, although it appears to be hardly used with one slightly shaded area on the perimeter of the patch which can be seen in the photograph.

Colourful, exquisite, rugged, dimensional and funky this is a fabulous piece of punk rock for your home.

This cute patch can be sewed or glued to different materials if needed.  It is a great protection accessory for everyday street wear.